Free blank printable medical power of attorney forms

Medical Power of Attorney forms, also known as an advance directive or health care, are used to give someone the legal power to make medical decisions for you.

If you want to prepare for an event in the future in which you may be temporarily incapacitated (for example, under anesthesia) or are incapable or incapable of long-term ability for other health reasons, then you must use healing power.

The medical power is different from a living will, which is a document that details your wishes about the specific type of medical care you do and does not want to receive.

On the other hand, the medical power of lawyers allows someone to make medical decisions for you.



medical power of attorney forms

What is Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA)?

A medical power of attorney, also known as an advance directive or health care, is used to give someone the legal authority to make medical decisions on your behalf.

It only begins when you are declared incompetent and unable to tell your doctor’s wishes – for example, if you fall into a coma or paralysis.

The name of this form can vary from city to city, such as:

  • Health Care Power of Attorney (Healthcare POA)
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Advance directive
  • Medical POA


How to get a medical power of attorney

To access legal, medical power, you need to choose someone, determine your agent’s authority or rights, sign the form according to your state’s requirements.

Your medical power of attorney takes effect immediately after signing, but you can make medical treatment decisions only after your agent is declared incompetent.


How to Choose your agent

Most states legally require your agent to be 18+ years of age, mentally competent, and not as a health care owner, operator, administrator, or employee where you are a patient.

Your agent will advocate for your wellbeing and medical preferences while you are disabled. It would be best if you chose a friend, family member, spouse, or professional who:

  • Someone you trust to follow your desires and act in your best interests
  • Knowledge of religious and moral beliefs along with their desired remedies
  • Emotionally capable of making difficult choices
  • Willing to accept role responsibility
  • Available to consult your doctor for decision making

A health care agent may also be referred to as a health care proxy, patient advocate, or surrogate decision-maker.


Define Your Agent’s Rights

It is up to you to define the scope of your agent’s authority. Unless you include limitations in your MPOA form, you will have the right to make choices related to your medical care, medications, treatments, surgeries, physicians, drugs, and more.

To ensure that your wishes are being followed, consider specifying whether your patient advocate is capable of making decisions:

  • Life support, tube feeding, CPR
  • Admission to or discharge from health facilities
  • medical Research
  • palliative care
  • Organ or tissue donation
  • Treatment of disease

Using a medical power of attorney forms

All Americans at the age of 18+ will benefit from using the Medical Power of Attorney form. You can be inspired to make one if you are:

  • Military personnel stationed abroad
  • Travel abroad for extended periods
  • Diagnosis of a chronic condition or life-threatening disease
  • Take part in extreme sports or activities
  • Engaged in a high-risk profession
  • Celebrating milestone birthday

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