How Long does it Take to Get Unemployment Benefit in Colorado?

Like any other state in the US, there is unemployment benefit for people in Colorado who are temporarily out of a job through no fault of their own. It is mainly designed to support the job seekers in unemployment time and help them focus on reemployment without any financial worry. 

The Department of Labor and Employment handles this entire process and determines the eligibility criteria for every candidate. If you are eligible, you will get the grant within 4-6 weeks of the application processing time. After that, you will receive an unemployment fund from the state every two weeks.

Keep reading the article, and we will talk about how long it takes to get the unemployment benefit in Colorado in detail. Besides, we will also discuss the eligibility criteria for Colorado unemployment later on in the article.

What is Unemployment Benefit?

Unemployment benefit is a temporary partial income replacement for job seekers. This benefit is not long-term, it will only assist you temporarily to look for a new job and have a plan in place to be able to support yourself.

In unemployment, you must search for a new job to return to work. Besides, you must record your efforts because they will demand you to report your job-search activities every week and submit a payment request. Furthermore, they can verify your work-search affairs anytime within two years after you apply for benefits. 

Processing time for unemployment benefit

As mentioned above, it takes almost 4-6 weeks to process the unemployment benefit and get the first payment. Whenever you claim for this grant, many factors such as registration, paperwork, information verification, eligibility decision, and waiting week cost a lot of time.

After you file the claim, they start processing your previous employment status, additional income stream, and wages. All these processing procedures require almost four weeks. After that, they will tell you whether you are qualified for the benefit or not. If you don’t qualify for the scheme, they will send you a notice with a reason.

However, if you are qualified to receive the unemployment benefits, they will postpone your payment for one week, called the waiting period. The first week is always an unpaid waiting week for every applicant who qualifies for this grant.

After that, the wait is over. Now, you can request payment every two weeks. Keep in mind that your first payment request will be on Sunday following two weeks after filing the claim.

We know that you must be wondering how long unemployment benefits last. You generally get payments for six months in this scheme. According to the data, most claims get approximately 26 weeks of benefits. At the end of the benefit year date, you don’t get any payment even if there is any money remaining in your claim.

Keep in mind that you have to register yourself for the local workforce center within four weeks of your unemployment claim. If you fail to register at the given time, you won’t benefit from the Colorado state government.

What is the eligibility requirement in Colorado?

There are several requirements to apply for Colorado unemployment benefits. If you don’t meet these criteria, you won’t get any payment. 

  1. You must have a certain minimum income threshold to qualify for this program. For this purpose, you must have earned almost $2500 in the base period.
  2. No fault should be associated with yourself for unemployment.
  3. You should be an active job seeker.

Unemployment Benefit is a helpful program for unemployed workers in Colorado. However, it takes some time to process the application and verify the information that we have discussed above in the article. You can go above and check all the application processing times for the Unemployment Benefit now!