How to beat a traffic ticket 10 proven methods

You may have come face to face with a situation where you have to wonder how to beat a traffic ticket.

Because you want to avoid having to pay for a misunderstanding or having negative point added to your driver’s license that will cause you an insurance increase.


It is best that you do everything within the law to beat a traffic ticket. The first thing to have clear is that a traffic ticket is due to an infraction, it is not a crime.


But you have the right to defend yourself and even have the right to a free attorney to beat a traffic ticket. From the moment you are facing the situation, you have to start to be very observant to avoid that ticket. Keep reading to be aware of how to beat a traffic ticket in 10 proven methods.


1 Check if the ticket is inaccurate to beat a traffic ticket

1 Check if the ticket is inaccurate to beat a traffic ticket


One important thing that might get your ticket dismissed is the information on it.

If something considerable is not in accordance with what happens or to the data, this can be the first way of getting rid of the situation.

For example: If the written citation does not have the correct model and color of the vehicle, it can justify dismissal.

Verify the code sections that you were cited for violating

The officer that stopped you and gave you the ticket should write which code or rule of the state traffic you were violated if you read it and do not understand, you have to ask the officer to clarify before leavening the scene.

You have to make sure that you know and understand why the officer pulled you over and why did he or she give you a ticket.

Even more, identify how to respond to the ticket, this means that you have to find out how to reply and face the citation to beat the ticket.

Usually, the number and address to do so appear on the ticket itself.

2 Get ahead and gather evidence

  1. Be aware of the details from the first moment that the officer stopped you.
  2. Remember the day, time, circumstances and surroundings of the scene.
  3. Keep in mind where you were stopped and even how the weather was on that day, the traffic flow and how long were you detained. All this information it’s relevant and can help you to get a dismissal.
  4. Remember the law it’s different in each state and this can mean that for safety reasons you exceed the speed limit and avoid the ticket.
  5. Some laws are not absolutes; you will have to find the loophole that exonerates you.

Take pictures

Another thing that can help with the perspective is pictures, so make sure that you take pictures from the scenes from both perspectives, the officer’s and your own.

For example, a picture can serve to show the judge a big hole or some kind of obstructions on the pavement that the officer didn’t notice or even heavy traffic.

Therefore, this can also work to beat a traffic ticket

3 Get yourself a witness

If someone was in the car with you at the moment of the detention, it can be your eye witness, or even if people were nearby and saw the situation happen.

Make sure that the person is willing to testify on your behalf and write down the contact information.

Another point of view can help a judge decide towards you, it’s if the officer’s appreciation of the situation was inaccurate.

4 Notice the devices used by the officer

Notice the devices used by the officer

If the officer was using a piece of equipment to check the speed limit.

For example, you have to make sure the apparatus was working correctly.

You are able to ask for the records on the maintenance of the apparatus to verify if it was correctly calibrated.

This should be checked twice or once a month.

If it wasn’t functioning correctly, it can work as an argument for dismissal.

5 Identify the officer that gave you the ticket

Write down:

  • The officer’s name
  • Badge number
  • Patrol car number

With this data, you can ask for other notes that the officer could have made on your ticket and you have a right to have access to those notes as well.

6 Establish your defense case

Determinate if you indeed were committing a violation.

Because sometimes due to an honest mistake or ignorance you did something that wasn’t in accordance with the law. This could get you off the responsibility.

For example, an unclear stop sign because it fell or the paint faded away. The judge could let it pass.

7 Argue if your action was made to avoid harm

When you violate a traffic law to avoid bigger harm, this could mean that a judge can rule out the ticket.

Take in mind that you will need a witness for this case; it doesn’t work if it comes down to your word, against the officer’s word.

8 Scrutinize the code section that you were cited for violating

8 Scrutinize the code section that you were cited for violating

Read the traffic code that you allegedly violated.

Make sure that all the elements that appear there are part of the violation.

If one is missing or does not apply to your case, you can bet the traffic ticket.

Also, if you, in fact, violated a code, but it didn’t mean that you were not unsafe, you can argue the case.

For example, you speeded, but still was safe driving because speed limits are not absolute in most states

Make sure to check the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, published by the Federal Highway Administration, it is a compilation of national standards for all traffic control devices.

10 Go to trial to beat a traffic ticket

You have the right to have an attorney, but you can also hire one who is specialized in these kind cases.

The court will assign you a hiring date and you can ask for a change of day.

This could increase the chance of the officer not showing up.

The officer that gave you the ticket will be required to appear on the hiring.

If he does not show up, the ticket can be dismissed.

Make sure you:

  • Dress in clean clothing and appropriate
  • Bring organized copies of the documents you gathered
  • Conduct yourself and to the court staff with respect
  • Present your defense
  • Listen carefully to the officer’s side of the story and ask questions
  • Make sure you establish doubt on his or her mind
  • Evidence that the officer was not seeing correctly the whole situation and you were not unsafe
  • You can impeach the officer’s testimony by making observations
  • Use the elements on your behalf: Witness, pictures, annotations

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Accept the judge’s ruling.

But know that you can appeal in the case that you were not successful in beating the traffic ticket.