How to Login for Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

If you are currently unemployed, do not be afraid or lose hope, there is a solution for you to afford your different services. For example, you can log in as a Kentucky resident for unemployment benefits on your government’s website; that way, you can apply for programs or file a claim if you need.

You might think this is a hard process, but on the contrary, with just a few clicks you can easily create an account and log in for Kentucky unemployment.

So, pay attention to this article as we are going to show you the process of creating an account, as well as the information you need to have in order to do it.

Kentucky unemployment eligibility

Let us start with how you can be considered eligible. As we said above, if you are unemployed, you can seek unemployment benefits; however, it also counts if you are laid off or your hours are reduced. For any of these options, you can qualify for the benefits if you follow these requirements:

  • You have no fault on the reason for your unemployment.
  • Start looking for a new job. You have to be updating your efforts and progress as it will be considered in your benefits.
  • At the moment you file your claim you have to register for work.
  • You have to also meet a certain monetary limit based on your earnings the first four of the five completed calendar quarters preceding your claim. It will determine the amount of the benefits.

Problems on the website

Before we tell you how you can log in to Kentucky benefits, there is something to clarify for all users. First of all, the state has presented serious problems with the claims; it received cyber-attacks that threatened their personal information, such as their ID numbers, Social Security Numbers (SSN), etc.

So in an attempt to minimize the damage, on April 9th the unemployment website was shut down for a brief moment. Now with a new call center, the unemployment offices asked the claimants to re-register with a new process if they want to obtain the benefits again

If you are a new user, do not worry, just follow the steps carefully and you will be able to log in for Kentucky unemployment.

Login process

First of all, you have to create an account, whether if you are new or trying to re-register. You can go to the Kentucky Career Center (KCC) website and click on unemployment services, then on file or access your claim, and it will redirect you to the Kentucky Office of Unemployment insurance website.

Kentucky career center website

Once you do it, follow the next steps:

  • On the top right corner, select the “register” button.

Kentucky office of unemployment website register button

  • Once you do, read carefully the information provided before you continue. It contains details regarding your SSN and false statements. When you finish, click the blue button that says next.

Kentucky additional information

  • Now you have to provide your SSN, confirm by writing it again, and complete verification of identity (captcha). Then click continue.

Kentucky SSN registration

  • Enter your username, in this case, a valid email address.
  • Not only it will work as your login key to Kentucky unemployment, but also a user registration verification code will be sent to your email. This is needed for the next steps. Click continue once you finish.

Kentucky enter username

  • For the next step, you have to enter your new password. The latter must be complex and 12-digits long.
  • For new users, you have to provide personal information like your first and last name, mailing address, and phone number.

Kentucky new account registration

  • You have to continue by entering your SSN again, and also fill in the user registration verification code and an 8-digit pin you received on your email address.
  • And select a security question, while providing an answer.

Kentucky security

  • Finish the process just by clicking register. Click on the top right corner where it says login, and enter your email and password.

Kentucky login

Now you know how you can log in for your Kentucky unemployment benefits. Keep in mind that every time you want to file a claim, you will receive a new user registration verification code to your email. So do not forget to look for it!