• Colorado Workforce Granby Unemployment Office 80446:

    Colorado Workforce Granby
    469 East Topaz Avenue PO Box 1985
    Granby, CO 80446

  • Colorado Workforce Granby Unemployment Office 80446 phone number: 970-887-1857
  • Fax: 970-887-1858
  • Opening hours:

    Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. (closed from 12:00-1:00 p.m.) Friday Closed

Apply for unemployment in Colorado Workforce Granby Unemployment Office 80446:

If you're currently unemployed and looking for ways to apply for Arkansas unemployment benefits, the state's Division of Workforce Services can help you. If you were employed by the federal government, you'll also need to submit an SF-8 form, and if you served in the military, you will need a DD-214 Member Copy 4 form.

20 Reviews For Colorado Workforce Granby Unemployment Office 80446

Amazing! I ended up coming across this workforce center and it is so helpful! The staff is so kind and will help you get set up on your job search. I ended up actually getting a job within a few days after my job search. They will help you find the perfect match for you and your skills. Thank you all so much! I highly recommend coming here if your looking for a job
Ricki Rosenberg
If you're a recently discharged veteran please come to this office. The staff will be good to you and they don't act like the people at the personal offices on any military base/establishment. The staff was super helpful with any questions I had. This place gets a straight up 10/10!
jason osborne
Great people that work with n help u in anyway they car as long as u follow the program
Colorado Paralegal, LLC
Amazing staff! Helped me get back to work with modern wAys of making it day to Day in a very competitive world. Classes were super helpful and staff made my day, every time I had to trek it in during the winter. Top notch.
Elias L
They can sometimes be helpful its luck of the draw. But, most of the time they are rude, and offer little to no assistance beyond telling you what big corp is hiring. Don't call, they most likely won't answer or gonna send you straight to voicemail. Like the rest of gentrified Jefferson County, all they care about is money.
Ricardo Gonzalez
The people are nice n they treat u well
Sandra Barros
I have been trying o find a daycare and my caseworker doesn't want me to get on waiting lists and his supervisor Shannon R. is very helpful to me and is wiling to help make phone calls but Andy Bentley says its not his job her job to help us out. why?
Everyone here goes out of their way to share information and help you in your job search
Melissa Cook
Great place they solved my issue.
Ileea Gurule
I was unsure about physically going into the workforce office. Didn't know what kind of people would be there or if I would get the help I needed . I recently got laid off And I was looking for something more challenging In a workplace. When arriving The office was pretty Packed. I reached out to the gentleman at the front desk. He helped me get on a computer. Informed me if there was anything I needed to feel free to reach out to him. I later went back to the dusk and there was a female That also introduced herself But I forgot her name. She began helping me and also let me know if there was anything I needed to feel free to go back. Everyone here was so helpful and sweet. I'm glad I went!
Stacey Longo
There so helpful and there slot of good classes. ud83dudc4dud83cudffb
Ray Kirk
The older gentlemen at the front desk is very rude. Did not like my experience with him at all
The center can be great, it's true. The opportunity to have a local center where I can use job-search resources for free is worthwhile all be itself. Classes and professionals specializing in various aspects of employment can help re-fresh old skills and confirm insights and information from other sources. It would be a mistake, however, to rely on the Workforce center as the sole source of information and support. They're working on becoming more relevant.
Flora Rompas
Very friendly staff. Beyond helpful! Solved my issue!
Terry Lee
I sent an email to the Vet rep from the standard website contact...I received a phone call within the hour!!!
Miss Wobbles
My favorite WFC! So many amazing classes, my favorite being Goal Setting. I highly recommend this WFC to everyone, employed or not. It is definitely worth the drive to beautiful Golden.
christine doerr
I was very pleased with my experience. It was very informative and helpful to me. I will use the tools made available at the Jefferson County Workforce. I would suggest having a mandatory meeting like the one I attended for Emergency Unemployment Benefits with the unemployed people when benefits first start.nIf I had this meeting in the beginning I think it would have helped me a lot as I would have had a better grasp on the tools and resources available.nFor anyone that reads this if you don't walk into the Workforce Center to find out how many resources they have available you are cheating yourself! If you take advantage of the Workforce Center you will become a Super Star!
They are really organized and helpful.
Jennifer Travis
They have been a lifesaver, or rather a life maker!!
Jeremy Montoya
Very helpful staff

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