• Grand Forks Job Service Unemployment Office 58201:

    Grand Forks Job Service
    1501 28th Avenue South
    Grand Forks, ND 58201

  • Grand Forks Job Service Unemployment Office 58201 phone number: 701-795-3700
  • Fax: 800-366-6888
  • Opening hours:

    8:00am - 5: 00pm Mon. - Fri.

Apply for unemployment in Grand Forks Job Service Unemployment Office 58201:

If you're currently unemployed and looking for ways to apply for Arkansas unemployment benefits, the state's Division of Workforce Services can help you. If you were employed by the federal government, you'll also need to submit an SF-8 form, and if you served in the military, you will need a DD-214 Member Copy 4 form.

27 Reviews For Grand Forks Job Service Unemployment Office 58201

Sigwald Remme
If you need help finding a job this is a great place to go. They have posts on the wall all the time on available jobs and upcoming job fairs, etc. When needing help in finding jobs or making a resume I the staff is very helpful. They also have a pride program for people that pay child support. The program has many plusses. Set up a interview. Check this place out!
I would leave a real review but it wouldnu2019t matter. North Dakota doesnu2019t care about the people that live here, job service doesnu2019t care about people that live here. They work together to screw you out of any dollar that youu2019ve earned and look for any little mistake you make and then deny your appeals with no explanation until youu2019re forced to pay them back. Good to know I pay taxes for this garbage.
Jen G
If you like being on hold for hours only to have them direct you to a website that isnu2019t currently working - then this is for you!
Mustafe pilot
ts a great place if you are looking for employees. Its also a great place if your looking for a job. The people who work there are very nice and helpful
Faisal A
Not great place to look for a job. Poorly informed, educated, and dismissive elders. FYI: this job services receives millions of dollars of taxpayers money to proxide job skill training.
DaEn4Sir Peach
A great place for help in job searches for both employee and employer. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable.
Jane Doe
This place was NOT very helpful to me at all, I went in searching for help with getting a job that will work around my disabilities and was only referred to their jobs website to apply. NO HELP WHATSOEVER!!!!!! VERY UNSATISFACTORY IN MY OPINION.
caleb cox
You can't call for help with your claim on either number. When you do get through they are useless
Cqthy Johnson
The staff are very helpful to job seekers as well as to businesses looking to hire.
Brianna Bushee
Lady I spoke to on the phone was very short with me and rude.
Mark Rice (DRKSID)
Excellent service friendly staff very knowledgeable
Stuart Snyder
Very Professional Service!
Aiyana Luke C.E.O.
Always have a list of jobs to choose from.
Cool Sabin
Staff not helpfull at all.
Ahmed nuur feyleey
great servise
Monique Stahlman
Mark Medved
Kayle Werre
Cynthia Magana
Kellie Larson
SlightlyAnonymous M
Jammy Philo
malanie Peltier
malanie Peltier
Gloria Wippler Schmitt
Daniel Kartes
Deanna Keys

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