Arkansas unemployment login

Many times when we lose a job, we find ourselves with despair and concern about our lives since work is the main source to obtain resources and cover our basic needs. However, it is always good to know that local governments are aware of this and have created social assistance programs to mitigate the impact; so, if you live in Arkansas, in this article you will find useful information about how to get unemployment benefits.

In almost every state of the country, local governments offer these types of programs within the jurisdiction of each; and although they are very similar, they have peculiarities that are important to know when requesting benefits.

Keep reading to know more details about the criteria and application process!

Application process

In addition to meeting the requirements, you need to complete and sign an Arkansas unemployment benefits claim at any Workforce Center office or online.

Online unemployment application

You can also apply to receive unemployment benefits in Arkansas through the EZARC page.

Completing the online application would only take you 30 minutes; but before starting the process, we recommend that you have this information in hand, so you will not delay your application process.

  1. Social Security Number.
  2. Name and your mailing address.
  3. The date of your last day of work and the reason why you’re no longer working.
  4. Name and address of your last employer.
  5. Your bank account information if you want to receive UI direct payments.

Once you have collected this information, you can start your application on the website for unemployment benefits in Arkansas.

As you complete the virtual form, on the screen you will find the instructions to complete it; although the process is relatively simple.

On the other hand, the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services provides online resources to help you during the process. For example, Arkline is an interactive voice response system that will help you by the time of filing unemployment benefits through the phone.

Eligibility Criteria in Arkansas

Although the program is called Arkansas’ Unemployment Insurance Program (UI), just because you are unemployed does not mean that you qualify to receive benefits; rather, you must meet the requirements listed below:


Although it is not the only requirement, it is essential to be unemployed so that you can apply for the program.

Available for suitable work

This means that you must be available to accept any decent job in case you have an offer; forget about the excuses! Unless the payment is below the average salary in the area where you are, or you are subjected to inhumane conditions, you shouldn’t decline the offer.

Making a reasonable effort to find work

You must make efforts and show that you are looking for a job. For example, making contact with people who have the authority to hire, get in touch with local unions, and in general being in constant search for work; this program is meant for those people who are truly unemployed for reasons beyond their fault.

If your search has not been satisfactory, you will eventually have to accept a job that demands fewer skills than the ones you have to offer.

Physically and mentally able to perform suitable work

It means that you must be able to perform jobs similar to those you did in the past, or some task that you have not done but for which you are qualified by previous studies or experiences.

Wages amount

The state of Arkansas issues guidelines regarding the minimum amount of earned wages.