Can You Collect Unemployment if You are Off for Medical Reasons?

Unemployment insurance is the money offered to unemployed individuals by the state government when they quit their job for a good cause. Most of the time, people who leave their employment don’t qualify for unemployment benefits, but there are many cases where employees quit and still get insurance. 

One of the most important factors that guarantee that you can avail of unemployment while off from work is medical reasons. Medical and health reasons are considered a good cause for quitting employment by all the states.

Most of the time, leaving a job due to health reasons is related to the employee themselves, but in some cases, it can be connected to the health condition of the family members.

In this article, we have discussed the medical reasons for unemployment, how you know you are eligible for unemployment and if eligible, what you have to do next, and how to prepare yourself to leave work with an excellent medical cause. If you want to know, keep on reading. 

Unemployment due to medical reasons

There are some exceptions in which you can qualify to resign from work and still get unemployment benefits. Such as if you are quiet because you are facing some mental or physical disability that makes doing work difficult for you, you may qualify for insurance.

In another case, you can leave your job if you meet certain conditions of illness or injury and get unemployed. 

Suppose you are going to quit your job for unavoidable reasons. That must take a toll on your routine in all ways monetary, along with career and emotional setbacks, like voluntary resignation from your position (related to you or your close family member). 

Most states offer unemployment insurance and benefits for persons who leave their job because of medical reasons like an injury, illness, and disability. But in some states, they only allow you if the workload or workplace causes health problems. 

Eligibility for unemployment due to health reasons

If you are quitting your job due to medical reasons, you can be eligible for unemployment if you earned at least $9000 during the whole year. For getting insurance, you have to work a minimum of twenty weeks (8 months) during the base year. 

Applicant workability is hampered beyond their control. Your weekly earning reduces to 45% or more due to a change of work and state. Sick leave credits if you must be tired before opting for quitting. 

You can check your eligibility with the help of tools and guides given on the website dedicated to those who are confused about whether they can get unemployment benefits. website unemployment tools

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How to prepare unemployment based on medical reasons

If you are leaving your job due to health conditions aggravated by the work and feeling stress while performing it, the first thing you have to do is notify your employer

If your employer helps you deal with it by changing your shifts and giving you a sitting job that allows you to continue your work, it’s fine. But if your employer doesn’t compromise with you, provide them with a doctor’s note for further explaining that you must need help due to health disability. 

In case your employer doesn’t offer you the specific accommodations you ask for, and you don’t find any other suitable job for yourselves, then you can request unemployment benefits. 

For paperwork to get unemployment insurance, communicate with the doctor and get the doctor’s note, such as medical documentation showing the medical condition related to your work.