How to Change an Address on a Driver’s License in Wisconsin?

Are you moving somewhere within Wisconsin? Before moving, you will have many things on your moving-to-do list, and one of them should be to change the address on your driver’s license. Of course, you never want to move your car with fear and stress. 

Most states provide less than 30 days limit to update the address. Hence, instead of procrastinating, you must act on updating your address with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as soon as possible.

If you are still worried about what to do next and how to precede the process, we have got your back. Here, we have penned down everything you must know and be doing to update the new residential or mailing address on your driver’s license in Wisconsin. 

Ways to update the address on your driver’s license

You can change the residential address on your driving license by:

  • Online request.
  • Calling the DMV.
  • Mailing the details.
  • Visiting the Department of transportation in person.

There are no charges for updating an address in the records. So, you have four options to choose from. If you also want to show the updated address on your driver’s license, you must request a duplicate license for $14.

How to change the address by online request

You can change your address on your driver’s license by utilizing an online service provided by the DMVFor this, visit the website and select “Online Services” from the Home Page toolbar.

A drop-down menu will appear. From the drop-down menu, select “Change Address.” You will get a new screen where the license plate’s image that says “Start Now” will appear. 

state of wisconsin department of transportation homepage

Click the image, and a page will appear demanding your Wisconsin driver’s license number, your social security number last digits, and date of birth. After entering the information, click on the box, “I’m not a robot.” Click “Next” at the end of the page, and a new screen will appear.

On the new screen, you will be asked to enter your new information. Make sure that you have entered your information correctly and then submit it.

After you have followed the steps mentioned above, your address will change in the Department of Transportation records but will not appear on your driver’s license. 

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How to change the address by mailing the details of your driver’s license

For this method, you have to download and fill out the relevant form. You will need to add your name, license number, contact information, and information about the old and new addresses. Once filled, mail it to the Department of transportation. Your new address will be updated in the records.

How to change the address by calling the DMV

You have another option to update your address i-e by calling DMV. Call at (608) 266-2353 and request to change your address on your driver’s license. Provide your driver’s license number, social security number, and new address. The address will be updated immediately.

How to change the address by visiting in person

Visit your nearest service center of the Department of transportation. You will need to bring some credentials for identification. So, take your original license, information about the new address, and other proofs. At the office, request one of the clerks to change the address. Your address will be changed immediately.