FAQ about Unemployment Benefits in Texas

Although lately, the federal government has implemented various welfare programs, local governments have always offered financial assistance and job-finding assistance to jobless people. These programs are very similar in each state and in many cases, the eligibility requirements are the same, however, as is well known, each state has its own regulations and therefore has its own particularities. In the last year, the demand for unemployment benefits in Texas has increased compared to previous years.

We may tend to think that it is a tedious process that we have to go through to apply for unemployment benefits but once it is done, it supposes a relief to our pockets while we manage to get a job.

If you live in Texas and are considering applying for these benefits and don’t know how to do it, you’ve found the right article to get orientation.

How Do I Qualify?

Like any social assistance program, you must meet the eligibility requirements to receive unemployment benefits in Texas. Remember that just by the fact of submitting the application and considering you’ve met the requirements is not a guarantee to receiving the benefits, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will evaluate your application in detail and determine if you are qualified or not.

There are three areas in which we can classify requirements: job separation cause, past wages, and ongoing eligibility criteria. It is necessary to meet all of them to be qualified.

Job separation cause

You must be unemployed or have your working hours reduced in such a way that your salary becomes insufficient to cover your basic needs, but it is important that the causes of this are beyond your control. This means, if you have had good behavior at work and still have been fired or reduced your hours, it is possible that you will receive the benefits.

Now, what happens in the case of resignations? Can I get unemployment benefits in Texas if I quit? You might. Everything will depend on the cause for which you resigned, the reasons have to be fair and you must be able to prove them. For example, resigning for a just cause related to your work could be that they significantly changed your contract or did not pay you in the agreed time.

It is also valid if you resigned for a just cause but not related to work, such as if you have a medical condition that made it impossible for you to work or you need to take care of your spouse or children in case of a serious or terminal illness.

These are some examples, the important thing is that you show you really resigned for a just cause and thus convince TWC.

Past wages

Your taxable wages earned in Texas within a specified period will determine your eligibility. This period is called the “base period” and it is integrated by the first four of the last completed quarters before the date of submission of your application.

(photo from the base period)

Ongoing Requirements

In addition to the previous requirements that needed a more detailed explanation, it is necessary that:

  1. You are physically and mentally able to work.
  2. Availability for a full-time job.
  3. As part of the program, in addition to receiving a payment, you must be constantly looking for work through the Work in Texas platform or My TX career.
  4. Be part of the reemployment activities when required.

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How To Apply?

The application is made online on the TWC website. Before submitting the claim, we recommend you have the following information: your Social Security Number, name, address and telephone number of your last employer, number of hours you worked, start date and the date of the last day you worked, and if you are a foreigner your Alien Registration Number.

Take a look at this PDF and verify the guidelines to apply.

How Long Does It Take For Unemployment Benefits To Be Deposited In Texas?

Generally, once you file a claim, TWC takes 4 weeks to evaluate your application and determine whether or not you are qualified to receive benefits. So, once your application is submitted, you will receive the first payment approximately 4 weeks after applying.

Does Unemployment Pay Weekly Or Bi-Weekly In Texas?

You will receive your benefit weekly. The TWC calculates your benefit amount by dividing your earnings for the highest-paid quarters of the base period by 25.

What Can I Do When My Unemployment Benefits Run Out?

Generally, unemployment benefits in Texas last 26 weeks. However, you can apply to the “Extended Benefits” program that is available when there is a high unemployment rate in the state. You can verify information related to this on this page.