Can You Get Unemployment If You Get Fired in Georgia?

Getting fired from your job can be a devastating thing since you have put so many hours into it. So, the process to get a new one may take a few weeks or even several months. This is a serious problem because you need to work to afford your basic needs such as food and medicine, but luckily, residents of Georgia can feel at ease by applying for unemployment benefits.

These benefits help people to recover from their previous job, and all states around the US provide this service. However, some requirements can vary depending on where you live, so it is better to understand the process before applying and doing your first claim.

That is why we are going to present the eligibility criteria, amount of benefits, where you can apply, and other details regarding unemployment in Georgia.

Basic eligibility criteria for unemployment in Georgia

In order to apply for unemployment, you first must meet certain requirements. Although they are not that hard to accomplish, you must check that your statements are true and bring the necessary documentation (if needed) to confirm them. You must follow these:

  • The reason why you got fired must not be because of you. For example, reasons like acts of negligence in your work environment will most likely be denied. If you think that you got fired unfairly, expose your case when you apply.
  • You must also have to meet a monetary requirement. During your base period, which is the earliest four of the five complete calendar quarters (before filing a claim), you must have obtained a minimum of $1,134 on wages during the two-quarters of your base period. In other states the amount is different, so if you move to another place, we recommend that you search for the minimum amount of money you have to get on wages.
  • Finally, it is important that you start looking for a new job. That way you show that you want a new start, and also you have to be able and available to work.

There are also two extra requirements on top of what we just discussed above. Those are that you have to register in Employ Georgia, and your search for a new job must be reported weekly. The results of the latter need to be at least three job options that you contacted.

Amount of benefits that you can receive

If you accomplish these requirements, you will receive your unemployment benefits from Georgia in no time. The Georgia Department of Labor is the organization that takes care of helping people with these problems, and they also evaluate how much you will receive from them.

Simply put, they observe the total amount of wages that you accumulated during your base period and give you the respective benefits. It normally ranges between $55 and $365.

But, if you ever stop doing or break one of the requirements, your benefits for the week will be taken away. For example, you do not report your weekly job searches or give a false statement.

How long can I receive these benefits?

For Georgia residents, you can receive unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks. After the period that the Department of Labor gave you, you must have found a new job or already start working.

The way that the maximum weeks of benefits are determined is also with your earnings on your base period.

Where can I file a claim for Unemployment in Georgia?

If you are currently unemployed and interested in getting this opportunity, then the fastest way is to go to the Georgia Department of Labor website and file a new claim.

We suggest that you first create a My UI account following the prompts given on the website. From there, you can claim weekly unemployment payments, file claims, and appeals, or even get assistance if you need it.