How Long After Certifying for Unemployment will I Get Paid in Illinois?

In Illinois, unemployment benefits are a statewide government program. Through this program, the state gives money to unemployed persons who are temporarily out of work. This unemployment benefits program is run by the IDES (Illinois Department of Employment Security). But you have to meet some requirements to apply for this program.

After getting the benefits certification, you have to wait for 2-3 days to make payment on your debit card. Every person has their circumstances that make the difference of time when you get your first payment. The minimum time is 2-3 days, and the maximum takes 3-4 weeks when you get paid in Illinois. 

In this article, we have listed all the information you need to apply for UI, when you receive the payment, and where it is sent. So, keep reading this article. 

Apply for UI

It is recommended to apply for unemployment benefits as soon as possible. The best duration is in the first week if you’re quitting the job. You can file your application during 8-10 pm every day. 

If you need it, you can get all the information about the application and claim by calling the IDES office at (800)244-5631. You can also contact them through the online IDES contact form. 

Certifying for Unemployment Benefits in Illinois

When you claim the unemployment benefits, the next important thing is to certify your eligibility to receive payment. 

One of the best methods to certify for unemployment insurance is by login into the official account of Illinois. Another way to approve is by calling (312) 338-4337

When you file your unemployment claim, you will receive the notice with the title of UI finding after this. This means your certification date is fixed, which is approximately two to three weeks away from the date you file your claim. 

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Receiving the Payment

When you complete your certification and your response with documentation approved by the state, you will receive insurance money within 2-3 business days. Along with it, a debit card is automatically issued, but we have recommended you sign for the direct deposit while filing for the benefits. 

The unemployment insurance money is based on the applicant’s current income. You will receive the maximum benefits of $500 per week. Those employees who qualify may receive some additional amounts in some cases. 

In simple words, you will get the amount every week depending on your earnings in your base year. If you want to find how much you will get, you can find it by the following method:

Add your total wages for every quarter in your base year. Add the highest two-quarter salaries and multiply this amount by 0.47 and then divide it by 26. Through this method, you will get the amount you will receive as an unemployment benefit.

You can receive a higher amount in case you have dependent family members like spouses or children. The maximum insurance money you will get through unemployment benefits is $484-$500 for the person with no dependence, $577-$600 with a single dependent like a spouse, and $669-$700 for the person who has a dependent child more than one.

If you are eligible for unemployment benefits in Illinois, you will get an extra $300 if you become unemployed due to illnesses like Covid-19. You can also get an additional benefit if you get help through direct deposit. 

You will get unemployment benefits from the state for up to twenty-six weeks. In some circumstances, the federal government approves the extension in the unemployment benefits, which you will be notified of.