How Long Can You Get General Relief in California?

Cash assistance programs exist for people who do not have enough money for their basic needs. You have to fulfill certain requirements if you want to apply for one, but what if you are not eligible for any of those programs? Well, if you are a resident of California, then you should check General Relief.

This assistance program is made for able-body adults or children who are not eligible for their state and federal assistance programs. Although the eligibility is strict, the benefits that they offer can help you in your daily life.

Considering that this is your last option if any other cash aid programs are not available for you, we are going to show you the eligibility requirements if you want to apply for General Relief in California, as well as the duration of these benefits and some other details related to it.

What is General Relief?

Like we said above, General Relief is a cash assistance program created to support residents in California who are not eligible for any other aid programs. This is a great way to receive monthly income to buy food, medicine, pay utilities, or any daily products.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that this program varies in all of the counties. In other words, if you want to apply for General Relief, you have to contact your counties’ social services agency to know what the requirements are. This also affects the number of benefits that you will receive, for example:

In Los Angeles County you can receive a cash grant:

  • For one person, of $221
  • For two persons applying together, of $375

While in San Diego County the amounts of the grants are different:

  • For one person, of $449
  • For two persons applying together, of $614

Common requirements for General Relief in California

We recommend that you search for your respective county’s social service website and look through the specific requirements. However, you normally have to fulfill these in order to be eligible:

  • You must be a resident of your county
  • You must be older than 18 years old
  • On special conditions, someone younger than 18 can apply.
  • Possess a state ID and a Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your monthly net income has to be less than the number of grants you will receive
  • The property limits cannot be exceeded (visit your county’s local service office or on their website to know the amount of it)

If you accomplish these requirements, you will have no trouble applying for General Relief in California.

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Duration of General Relief benefits

Another factor that depends on your county is the time limit of your benefits. Normally, General Relief in California has an intermittent period of time, meaning that you can receive cash aid during a certain time of the year.

It can range from one month to full years, but you have to ask your social service office for more information about it. Usually, people get three months of General Relief in California in a 12 month period, but for example, in Los Angeles County you can get up to nine months.

For people who cannot work because of any disability, you will have no time limit for your benefits, but be sure to notify them before you apply for it.

Importance of applying for this assistance program

If you feel that you need a second chance in your life and need a little head start, General Relief can help you with it. Even though there might be better programs, if you do not fulfill their requirements, you will not have any of their benefits, leaving you with more problems.

For people living in California, this will help you buy healthy food and medicine if needed, so do not miss the opportunity to apply for General Relief. If you want to ask for more information about it, you can click here to look for social services agencies’ phone numbers, locations, and their websites.