How Long Does It Take To Get Disability Approval Letter

The processing period for getting a disability approval letter or a Social Security Disability Application varies in each case. In the USA every state has its own set of rules for the completion of the SSDA process.

Under normal circumstances, an SSA disability processing period ranges between 3 to 6 months. This is not a fixed period. In some situations, the applicant might get approval in a little time while in other applicants’ cases; it might take longer for the SSA process.

The processing time relies on the circumstances regarding an individual’s application.

Contributing Factors that decide the SSA processing time

Disabled person writing a disability application letter

Various factors decide the time for an individuals’ social security disability approval letter. They shall know about them before applying.

It depends on the first claim

The first factor that would decide how soon an applicant gets a response to their Social Security Disability Application is if the applicant’s first disability claim is approved or rejected. The first claim takes almost 30 to 90 days to process. If a person is lucky, he gets a disability approval letter even on the first claim that takes less than 90 days.

If the first claim is rejected, the applicant would be asked to go through a disability appeal process. It takes longer to get the disability approval letter and its benefits.

The medical claims

The second factor that decides the processing time for a Social Security Disability application is the medical claims.

It points out what kind of medical records an applicant needs to prove his disability and get the processes done. The medical claims are important evidence to let the Social Security Administration know about your mental or physical condition.

To get the process done quickly, the applicants shall discuss with their doctors how long it would take them to share their medical evidence or reports. If the doctor is taking time to provide the required medical reports, the applicant might speed the process up by getting copies of the records themselves and sending them with their application.

In case if the Social Security Administration is not satisfied with the received medical records along with the application, it would arrange a meeting of the disabled applicant with one of their doctors for further reviews. This usually causes a delay in the processing time. Now this time depends on how lucky the applicant is to get an interview with the SSA doctor.

When an appointment is set, an applicant cannot skip it. In case, if the appointment is not kept, the applicant would be rescheduled with the doctor, but again it takes time. While in some cases, the disabled individual might be denied the disability approval letter.

Tips for getting a disability approval letter fast

These are some tips that could help the disabled applicants to her soon and get an approval letter quickly from the SSA. Let’s have a look:

Hire a lawyer

To be successful in the first chance, it is advised to hire a lawyer. The attorneys are already familiar with dealing with disability cases and know how to make a claim. They would guide the applicant about all the required evidence and support documents to make the appeal strong.

Provide all medical evidence

Send all medical evidence while sending the application. Besides, on the application, the applicant shall list down the names of the consulted doctors, along with details and the applicant’s dates of examinations.

Monitor the progress

Keep an eye on the progress of your application. The SSA may request additional paperwork or evidence. The longer it takes to get this to them, the longer your claim will take to process.