How Do I Speak to Someone at CT Unemployment?

You can use many options to speak to someone at CT Unemployment and ask questions like how you can claim unemployment benefits with the Connecticut department of labor. You can also ask them about Connecticut unemployed eligibility requirements and whether you can claim the benefits online during pandemics.

Suppose you want to speak with the live customer service representative in their customer service, dial 1-860-967-0493 or 1-203-941-6868. Press 1 to speak with a live representative (for English), then press 1 to extend the benefits program or stable state unemployment insurance. Then wait and stay in the line. 

In this article, we try to cover all the information regarding how an individual can speak to someone at CT Unemployment. So, keep reading this to get more about it. 

Alternative to get in connect with someone at CT Unemployment

You can use different ways to connect with someone and speak with them at CT Unemployment. Some of them are given below:

  • Press 1 for consistent unemployment insurance or an extension of benefits.
  • Press 2 for individuals who have a PUA and self-employed individuals.
  • Press 3 to reply to these options.
  • By requesting a callback, you can reach Connecticut Unemployment customer service. Suppose the customer wants to speak with the live customer service representative in customer support by demanding a callback.

In that instance, they need to go to the CT Unemployment Benefits Center page. Move to the Consumer contact center, choose a reason for your inquiry, and click the Schedule a Callback button.

CT unemployment website

Customer Service Hours 

You can contact the live customer service representative from 7 am – 5 pm (Monday to Friday), from 8 am-3 pm (Saturday). Sunday is closed, and there is no way you can speak with someone at CT Unemployment.

CT Unemployment official Phones

Here is all the contact list, which you can use to speak to a representative at the Connecticut Unemployment center.

1-860-967-0493 or 1-203-941-6868 is the CT Unemployment customer support phone number, and you can dial this and speak with the live customer service representatives. Like before, those are available from 7 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday, Saturday from 8 am-3 pm, and Sunday closed.

  • You need to dial 1-800-956-3294 for the consumer contact center and speak with the representative at CT Unemployment during service hours.
  • Dial 1-800-842-9710 or 711 for TTY.
  • Dial 1-866-295-2955 for KeyBank Customer Service.
  • Dial 1-860-263-6000 for the Connecticut Department of Labor Agency.

If you want to chat with CT Unemployment Support Agent, you can do a live chat on the support page. It would help if you pressed the ASK DOL button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to speak with a live representative and then press the continue. Fill the form and press the start chatting button.

Another way to contact them is through the CT Department of Labor Twitter Account. One of the essential things you have to remember when you want to speak with the CT Unemployment representative is to make sure what you want to know, call during service hours and get your answers until you feel satisfied. 

Listen to the representative carefully and follow the steps they told you to get the Unemployment benefits.