How to Apply for Medicaid in Colorado

Medicaid is a joint state and federal program in the United States of America that offers health coverage to approximately 72 million Americans, including pregnant women, children, parents, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. 

It is the only significant basis of health coverage for the people living in the United States. It provides all-encompassing financial protection and coverage for the millions of working families. Each state in the United States runs its own exclusive Medicaid program.

Like other states, Colorado also has a Medicaid program that goes by the name of Health First Colorado. If you are interested to know what the Colorado Medicaid Program is about, read this guide to learn all about this program.

Health First Colorado The Official Medicaid Program in Colorado

The Colorado Medicaid Program is known as the Health First Colorado, with a logo and name representing the public health care coverage to a member-focused approach in Colorado. While the name differs, the eligibility criteria, benefits, and selection of providers stay the same. 

Health First Colorado is communal health insurance for the residents of Colorado who are eligible for the program. Together, the Colorado state government and federal government jointly fund Medicaid, whereas the Department of Health Care and Policy Financial administers it. 

All the members of Health First Colorado have a primary care provider. They are a part of a regional organization that aids in connecting them with the health care and medical services they need.

Your primary care provider will the first contact you have for your health and wellbeing services. This primary care provider will be assigned to you via Health First Colorado.

If you are already a member of Health First Colorado, you can fetch all the details about it to provide feedback and get involved. But if you aren’t a member, here is how you can apply for the Colorado Medicaid Program. 

Things you require for the Health First Colorado

The fastest way to apply for the Colorado Medicaid Program is to apply online. The majority of the people can instantly determine if they qualify for the program or not and check their application status online. Here is what you need to apply for the Health First Program (Colorado Medicaid Program).

  • The immigration document number if you are a non-citizen.
  • The Social Security number for applicants who have it. 
  • The applicants’ name, contact information, address, and date of birth.
  • Other income-related information includes Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Administration (SSA) payments, and mentions.
  • The income and employer information of everybody in your family and household. A few examples include W2 forms or pay stubs. 
  • Policy numbers and information for the health insurance plans that cover your household members, including Medicare. 

You might even be asked for additional information if your information cannot be verified through their computerized data sources. There are other ways to apply for the Colorado Medicaid Program as well. 

Colorado medicaid program apply by mail website

Note that before signing up for the Health First Colorado Medicaid Program, you must review the different health plans and choose the one that’s best for you. You can call the official Health First Colorado number 303-839-2120 in Denver or outside of Denver at 1-888-367-6557 on Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5: 00 pm.

The eligibility criteria for the Colorado Medicaid Program

  • You are 65 years or above, pregnant, or blind.
  • You are responsible for a child aged 18 years or younger.
  • Someone from your household or yourself has a disability. 

You might also qualify for the Health First Colorado, provided you meet the necessary income guidelines. Here are the estimated monthly income groups to be eligible for it. 

  • Individuals must have an approximate monthly income of up to $1,415 and above.
  • A family of 2 must have an approximate monthly income of up to $1,911 and above.
  • A family of 3 must have an approximate monthly income of up to $2,408 and above.
  • And a family of 4 must have an approximate monthly income of up to $2,904 and above.

Health First Colorado Benefits & Services

The Colorado Medicaid Program is typically a low-cost or free public health insurance that tends to cover your emergency care, doctor appointments and visits, preventative measures like vaccinations and screenings, and other medical treatments and procedures. The three basic kinds of benefits are:

  1. Dental benefits
  2. Physical health benefits
  3. Behavioral health (like substance use and mental health benefits).

Health First Colorado also offers other services like nursing facility care and community or home-based services. Medical health providers visit the members’ homes to render essential services for the seniors. This keeps an elder or disabled individual from being taken into a hospital or a nursing facility. 

Some of these services require members to have a co-pay, a fixed amount you must pay when your health care services are being covered. You never need to spend more money besides the co-pay you have paid for covered services.