How To Claim Unemployment Benefits in Alabama

Have you lost your job and are looking for another option to start working? It is not a surprising thing at all, as these kinds of mishaps are a part of life. In this situation, you must claim to avail unemployment benefits until you get another job. If you are a citizen of Alabama, you can follow the proper procedure to claim unemployment benefits.

Many states and countries face employment issues at times, and it is pretty normal. All you should do is to connect with the right place through the proper procedure to avail the benefits without wasting time.

This article will cover how to claim unemployment benefits in Alabama, and then you will get information on who is eligible to file this claim. So, you can undergo the requirements mentioned in the article to determine eligibility criteria; if you fall in the eligible category, you can follow the method to file an unemployment claim.

Who is eligible for unemployment compensation?

Before filing a claim in Alabama, you must ensure that you fulfill the criteria to avail of unemployment benefits.

  • You have more than 12 months of working experience within Alabama.
  • You are actively looking for another job, and meanwhile, to manage your expenses, you’re looking for financial support.
  • You need to provide your social security number to the Unemployment Compensation Division so that they can verify your identity and other required details.

Steps to claim Unemployment Benefits in Alabama

To file a claim, you may select from visiting and follow the details mentioned step by step. Or you can also file a claim at 866-234-5382 to get in touch with a representative in person. After filing a claim, you will get one of the responses mentioned below:

  • It may reopen or reactivate a benefit year that hasn’t ended yet.
  • It may start a 52 week benefit year if the filer has not filed for unemployment before.
  • It may begin with a 52-week benefit year if the file’s earlier claim has ended.

Documents that you need when filing a claim

Whether you file a claim through a website or via telephone, make sure that you have the following documents in hand to provide relevant information.

  • Your social security number.
  • You need an Alien registration card (if applicable).
  • You need an Alabama id number or your driver’s license.
  • You need documents related to any military service, federal civilian employment, or work performed in any other state in past months.
  • Details about your last two employers include their telephone numbers, addresses, and joining and leaving dates with them.
  • Lastly, you need to give your bank account number to submit your unemployment funds.

If the filer makes any false claim and submits fake information, it can lead to severe penalties. So, we highly suggest making sure that the information you provide is authentic and accurate.

Procedure to file a claim

Once you have got all the required documents in your hands, you can follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below.

Via website

  1. First, go to the website and click on “Unemployment.”
  2. Now select from “Reopen a UC claim” or “Establish a New.”
  3. There you can continue following the steps showing on your screen accordingly.

Via telephone

  1. Dial the toll-free number, 866-234-5382.
  2. Make sure to use a touch-tone telephone and not a cellular phone.
  3. If you have only a cellular phone, you may use a telephone at a local Alabama Career Center.
  4. Answer the questions there; you press the numbers on the touch-tone as advised while on call.
  5. At last, whether you may be provided additional information, or your call may be transferred to a claims specialist to continue further.

Finally; once you have filed a claim, you can call their toll-free inquiry line; that is 800-361-4524, or visit the website Usually, it takes two to three weeks to release the first benefit payment.

The bottom line

If you’ve been unemployed and have more than 12 months of working experience in Alabama, you can file an unemployment benefits claim. We have tried to make the facts as conveniently fulfilled as possible.

Well, you can select any option you find convenient, whether it’s via website or telephone call. Hopefully, this article will develop a complete understanding of every aspect.