How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Michigan

These Michigan unemployment benefits are for those unemployed individuals who lost their job through no fault of their own; the state government supports unemployment benefits. The purpose of this insurance is to offer temporary income to unemployed workers when they are looking for a new job and occupation. 

If you are unemployed, you can claim Michigan jobless insurance benefits by visiting the Michigan official website. You can sign into login and get access to your MiWAM account.

Accessing your account is easy and you can do it 24/7 days, 24 hours a day. You can also contact MARVIN (Michigan’s Automated Response Voice Interactive Network) through phone call at 1-866-638-3993, 8:00 clock morning to 7:00 evening from Monday through Saturday. 

Here’s how you can claim unemployment benefits, the eligibility criteria for Michigan insurance, and many more. So, keep on reading. 

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Claim

An unemployed person can submit the claim application in Michigan. Here we have discussed how you can claim the benefits for unemployment in Michigan.

The first step is to apply for claiming the unemployed benefits. When you file the claim, you will receive the monetary determination in which you will be notified that you earned enough money to receive the unemployment insurance. The processing time of the claim is around 50-52 weeks from the week you filed it. 

The initial year is known as the benefit year. The maximum number of federal unemployment benefit weeks is twenty unless the Michigan unemployment benefits provide an extension on weeks. 

If you receive all of your week’s benefits before the benefit year ends, you have to wait until the year completes before you can file a new claim. 

If you are a claimant, you can receive some weeks of your MI unemployment insurance claim and then go back to work. In case you become unemployed again before your benefit year ends and have remaining weeks of benefits or balance amount, then you can reopen or file the additional claim. 

But, if you are a former worker and still have not collected the benefits by the time the benefit year ends, you can no longer get these benefits. 

Eligibility for unemployment benefits 

To qualify for the Michigan unemployment benefits you must meet the following requirements. 

  • You become involuntarily unemployed when it is not your fault.
  • You can be eligible if you are able and available as a full-time worker. When you file a claim, they can check whether you are actively seeking full-time employment or not.
  • To qualify, you must have to earn the minimum wage requirements. 

Weekly benefit payment

When you claim unemployment benefits in Michigan, you can use MARVIN, or you can also use Michigan Web Account Manager. You need a four-digit PIN for MARVIN but not for MiWAM.  

You must be able to work for each work you claim, be available for full-time work, and must actively look for a job for both MiWAM and MARVIN. 

If you want to claim benefits using MiWAM, you can contact them from 12 a.m. Monday until midnight. Saturday is the special appointment day for the petitioners. 

You can get the Michigan federal unemployment benefits by two options, the first one is direct deposit and the second one is a debit card.

In case you are a former employee, you can change the option any time, but the change must be made before 3-4 days after you contact MiWAM and MARVIN for the next payment. You can make this change online or by phone.