How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Commerce division of employment security is the one that administers the North Carolina unemployment insurance benefits. Most of all, the workers in the state pay taxes on the pay they earn. The state government uses these portions of those taxes as a fund to provide unemployment insurance benefits. 

You can claim your unemployment benefits in North Carolina through the DES website that is the quickest way to file unemployment applications. You can reach them out at the DES customer call center (1-888-737-0259) Monday to Friday, or visit them physically to claim your unemployment benefits. 

If you’re wondering about unemployment benefits in North Carolina work and the requirements to become eligible, keep reading this article because we have discussed all of this in detail. 

Requirements to qualify

To qualify for unemployment benefits in North Carolina and receive the balance, you must meet these requirements set by the Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security. 

  • If you want to qualify, you must be unemployed. In simple words, a company fired you because they lost their main clients or some case of nepotism. If you were fired for workplace misconduct or quit your job by yourself without any problem, you wouldn’t be eligible for benefits in North Carolina. 
  • To get the benefit, you must have to be monetarily eligible and meet the minimum criteria. It means the applicant has to earn a minimum wage during their benefit year or base period. 
  • The other thing that is important to qualify for unemployment benefits is that you must have able to, available and look for a permanent job. 

File a claim for unemployment

You can find unemployment claim benefits in North Carolina through digital means like online websites, by fax, by phone, or by email. 

Open their online website, and you can easily locate the online claiming information and how you can contact them at the DES official site. When you receive your application, the DES office mails you some documents such as Monetary determination and wage transcript that indicate your approximately weekly benefit balance and duration. 

The timespan of unemployment benefits in North Carolina

The DES controls your weekly benefit sum by adding your wages earned in the last two quarters of the benefit period and dividing that outcome by 52, up to a supreme benefit of $350-$400 per week.

Insurance amounts are classically available for up to 20 weeks, while in some cases, the federal government momentarily extended benefits by an additional 13 weeks. You can use the DES estimate of unemployment insurance benefits calculator to estimate your potential weekly benefits. 

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How do North Carolina unemployment benefits work?

In North Carolina, if you lost your job without any of your faults, you can file for unemployment benefits as soon as possible. You can file a claim online; you can call them or also mail them. 

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can start receiving the benefits, but in case of denial of your application for unemployment benefits, you can file an appeal for it. 

If the North Carolina DES sector approves your appeal, you will also receive the compensation by either direct deposit or debit card. You can receive up to 400$ per week as an unemployed benefit. 

Weekly claiming is important in North Carolina to ensure that you are actively seeking a new full-time job. The department uses your weekly reporting as proof that you are trustworthy and a job hunter.