How to Find Colorado Divorce Records Online for Free

According to Colorado state law, many vital records like births, death, marriage, and divorce are confidential. Therefore, Colorado state archives don’t have divorce records of many citizens.

Hence, it is complicated to find divorce records in Colorado to prove the divorce, claim the child’s security, and apply for the name change or a marriage certificate. 

However, the good news is that the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDHE) holds the marriage record between 1900 to 1939 and 1975 to the present day. Clerks in the district or county courts, where the divorce was held and finalized, maintain the records finalized by CDHE.

You can search these divorce records on Colorado public record websites or visit the county court where it was held.

If you are also getting difficulty finding divorce records in Colorado for different tasks and want someone to guide you, this article is perfect for you. 

Searching this documentation online

Colorado State has recorded public data about divorce, marriages, child, security, or criminal records since 1870. No doubt, several law restrictions disturb the recording process. However, most documents are secure by CDHE and other departments.

In the past 30 years, the Colorado government is digitalizing divorce records, and information is becoming available on government public pages and third-party websites. Let us see how you can research divorce records online:

Colorado State Records Online 

It is the best website to get Colorado divorce records online for free. It is straightforward to operate and provides you with the required data instantly. You just have to go to their website and put your name and city.

Colorado state records website

After that, you will quickly get all your divorce records, arrest warrants, bankruptcies, lies details, civil judgments, lawsuits, and other court records of the required person.

This website aims to make public records easily accessible to the general people to preview and use these records for different legal court matters.

All the information that falls under the Colorado Open Record Act is available to the public on this platform. You can access any info immediately and concisely here without providing any personal info unless the record is confidential by law.

Private Records

It is a very robust third-party website to find public divorce records instantly. Like the above website, you just have to insert your name and county to access the records. They have 12 billion public records from thousands of sources in their database to make an accurate and comprehensive report on anyone in the entire USA.

They have a potent team of researchers, engineers, data scientists, and customer service professionals who collect accurate data from different public directories, search criminal records, and dig up confidential information on the dark web.

Private Records is free for any number of searches, but it will charge you $1 if you want a comprehensive report, to pay their efforts to gather all this information from different sources in one place.

How to obtain divorce records from courts

If you want divorce records from courts, you should apt the following procedure. First, you should locate the court clerk in the county where the divorce occurred using Court Docket Search.

Court docket search website

After that, submit a request in person or write a letter to the clerk to get the record. Provide general information like names of the divorced parties, divorce location, and the date it took place. In the end, pay a standard clerk fee, and they will give you the record you need.

Finding divorce records in Colorado is difficult, but we have listed two online platforms that provide easy access to any public records in Colorado free. Go above and check these websites for more details.