How to Get a Death Certificate in Colorado

When it is time to say goodbye to a loved one, you immediately need to get a death certificate for any legal procedure in the future. It is a document that certifies that one of your relatives passed away. However, you must meet certain requirements if you want a copy of a death certificate in Colorado.

Whether you want to receive it printed or online, there are steps you need to follow. Fortunately, it is an easy process and if you prepare all the documentation needed you will not present any trouble.

So let us guide you through this article as we discuss the procedure of requesting a death certificate if you are residing in Colorado.

What is a death certificate?

It is a legal document issued by the government which shows the details of the deceased; these are the cause and time of death, the location where it was declared, and any other personal information that is submitted in the medical records.

You can use a death certificate for a lot of reasons, for example:

  • If there is a will that you need to retrieve from solicitors or will storage companies.
  • To file life insurance claims.
  • In the process of burial and cremation, as the people in charge need this to confirm the details about the deceased.
  • Any benefits from pensions (if any).
  • Even health and government officials need them for the compilation of data and ongoing investigations (if it was a murder) respectively.

Normally it takes from two to four weeks to receive it, and only close relatives to the deceased person can obtain it. These people can be parents, spouses, siblings, grandparents, or anyone who can provide information that confirms their relationship.

Process to request a death certificate in Colorado

The documentation and processing time of your death certificate can be different if you are in Colorado. Normally, you need to submit:

  • Copy of your identification.
  • Proof of eligibility.
  • Payment of application fees (non-refundable).
  • Death certificate request (only for mail and in-person).

Right now there are 3 ways you can order a death certificate in Colorado:


This is an easy process, but as we said above, you need to have a death certificate request. You can download it from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environmental (CDPHE) or by clicking here.

Death certificate request Vitalchek

The mail address where you are going to send the documentation is Vital Record Mail Services, ATTN: Colorado Vital Records, P.O. Box 222130, El Paso, TX 79912.


You can also schedule an appointment in your OPS Colorado Local Office of Vital Records if you want to request it in person. Click here to visit the website, then choose the date, enter your personal information, and confirm.

CDPHE website in person appointment schedule

Phone call

You can also order it by calling 866-300-8540. They will ask you some questions about you and your relationship with the deceased person.

Online websites

There are two online options that the CDPHE recommends. Keep in mind that the processing time is two weeks from the date received:

  • VitalChek

You can get a death certificate or a death verification certificate in Colorado with just a few clicks. Start by choosing the state and city where the death certificate was issued, then provide the date of death and the reason you are requesting it. Finally, you have to select a government agency that offers the certificate you are looking for.

Vitalchek website

Once done, it will ask you for personal information about you and the deceased person so that you can finish the purchase. If you want to request one, you can click here.

  • GoCertificates

This is a more complex website, as it asks you for more personal information, but some of the processes are the same as the previous one. You just have to select your state, then the type of certificate you want, and follow the prompts.

GoCertificates website

If you need to order a death certificate in Colorado from GoCertificate, you can click here to go to their website.

For all of these options, you have to know that the fees for a death certificate in Colorado are $20 for the first copy you order and $13 for each additional.