How to get a Food Handlers card in Arizona?

Just as you must be qualified to work in a tech company, or have a medical billing certificate to work in a hospital, you must have a license to work in a restaurant or any business that processes or serves food. Getting your food handlers card in Arizona is quite simple and here you can read step by step how to complete this process successfully.

Depending on the state where you reside, the process may vary a bit as each state has its own regulations regarding this topic. However, it is relatively similar and if you live in another state this information can also serve as a guide on what to do.

Keep reading and discover how to get your food handler’s card in 3 easy steps.

What Is A Food Handlers Card?

In our country, there is a law that requires all restaurants and other companies that work with food processing or handling, to have a certification or food-handling permit in order to operate legally. This license or permit is also known as certified food-handlers, food handler’s card, or food handler’s license. All these names refer to the same thing, but in this case, we will talk specifically about the food handler’s card in Arizona.

food handler card in Arizona

A food handler card is nothing more than a document to show that a person is trained to work with food and has the necessary knowledge to handle food (personal hygiene, food preservation temperature, washing vegetables, information on poisoning by spoiled food, among others.).

According to Arizona laws, workers in an establishment that offers these types of services related to the sale or processing of food must obtain a food handler card. As we mentioned earlier, each state has its own regulations and the same goes for Arizona counties.

In some counties, it is necessary for each worker to obtain their card, as is the case in Maricopa County, while in other counties it is only required that at least one employee is certified and remain at the establishment at all times. Generally, the person in charge of the establishment must seek and ensure that the employees obtain this certification in order to work.

What Do I Have To Do To Get My Food Handlers Card In Arizona?

In order to obtain your food handler’s card, you only have to take an accredited course and pass the exam, so they can give you your card to prove your certification. Next, we will list you step by step along with a brief explanation so that you can complete this process without difficulties.

  1. Verify the local laws

The first step we must take when doing any procedure related to state or municipal regulations is to review what are the legal provisions related to our procedure.

In the case of your food handler card in Arizona, the first thing you should do is visit the government pages of your county and search for information related to this topic. Official websites are always the best option for you as they have accurate and up-to-date information. Look for information on when you should take and pass the course, this is usually within 30 days of being hired.

  1. Take an accredited course

The second step is to look for a course that is accredited by The ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). ANAB is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the accreditation of courses in our country. It is the largest organization in our country.

This means that the courses approved by this organization are highly recognized and give citizens confidence when selecting which course they want to study. Likewise, and most importantly, the county departments responsible for administering these matters require that the courses to obtain certification in food handling must be accredited by the ANAB.

Typically, the courses last 60 or 90 minutes, depending on your availability of time to review the material. Once you do this, you must take an exam and answer at least 70% or 75% of the questions correctly in order to pass the test. In most courses, you have 2-3 chances to retake the exam in case you fail it on the first attempt.

It’s worth noting that almost all these courses can be done online and save your progress to continue later and some offer the course in other languages ​​such as Spanish, Korean and Chinese.

For your convenience, on this page, you can verify which courses are accredited in Arizona. You may select the course of your preference and verify the accreditation.

The ServeSafe’s Food Handler course is accepted in every state in the country and the AAA Food Handler course offers one of the most recognized food handler’s cards in Arizona.

  1. Get your card

If you took the course online, you will most likely be able to print or download your food handler card when you pass the exam. Likewise, you can check if you can select the option to receive your card by Mail.

Before making the decision, remember that if you decide to print it directly on the page, you will have your food handlers card immediately, while if you decide to receive it by Mail, this may take 5 to 7 business days.

Does My Food Handlers Card In Arizona Expire?

According to Arizona laws, food handlers’ cards expire in 3 years. Once the valid time of your card has expired, in order to be certified again you must retake the course and pass the exam again.

In simple words, you have to do the whole process again. You’re probably wondering why you can’t just get a new card if you’ve already passed the course before. It is necessary that you take the course again because you must be updated in the new tools and regulations concerning this type of service as important as the handling of food in any establishment.