How to check the status of an Unemployment Claim in Georgia?

In every state in our country, local governments administer unemployment insurance programs for those who have lost their jobs. However, simply applying to receive benefits is not enough; you must meet some eligibility requirements. In Georgia, you must have worked or earned wages in the state for at least two years. Once you have applied, you can review your unemployment claim in Georgia very easily.

Currently, there are several government assistance programs aimed at all citizens, but this type of program is one of the most common.

If you want to know the key facts about these benefits in Georgia, you have found the right article.

Unemployment Insurance In Georgia

This type of welfare program is arguably one of the most sought-after nationwide, as it provides financial assistance to jobless people. Each state has its own department and set of laws that regulate this program. However, it is undeniable that almost all the eligibility requirements are very similar in every state.


  • At first, this is a program for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. So this is the first requirement that you must meet, but what if you quit? Is it possible for you to receive the benefits? The answer is maybe.
  • If the reason you quit is that you were subjected to deplorable working conditions, the Department of Labor may accept your application. For instance, if your employer paid you less than the standard salary established for your type of job, it could be considered an understandable cause for your resignation and job loss. But everything will depend on the evidence you present and the evaluation at your request made by the department’s agents.
  • Also, as we mentioned earlier, you must have worked or earned wages in Georgia for at least 2 years in order to be eligible for these benefits.
  • Another peculiarity of this program in Georgia is that it is only funded by employer contributions; no worker is deducted from their paycheck.
  • Once you decide to apply, simultaneously, you must register on the Employ Georgia website so that you meet the requirement of being actively looking for a job. By doing this you avoid delays in your application or even getting your benefits denied.

Check The Status Of Your Unemployment Claim In Georgia

Generally, once you make the request by yourself, you may have to wait between 12 to 14 days for your request to be accepted and consequently, receiving the payments. But a very important fact that you have to know to expedite your application is that if your former employer submits the application on your behalf, it is possible that you receive the benefits within 24 or 48 hours after the application, click here for more information about this.

Employers can fill out applications when they have laid off their employees or have significantly reduced their work hours.

However, you can check the status of your unemployment claim in Georgia yourself online. All you have to do is enter this page and write your Social Security Number and the 4 digits of your Personal Identification Number that you created when making the request.

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Apply For Unemployment Benefits In Georgia

Currently, the Georgia Department of Labor has suspended applications in person, therefore applications are made online.

However, before applying, we recommend you to have your work history of the last 18 months, your Social Security Number, a government-issued photo (it can be your Georgia driver’s license), and your bank details if you wish to receive payments via direct deposit.

Once you have these documents, you just have to access this page and complete the basic information.

Next, you will see some questions on the screen, answer all of them. When you finish completing your claim, you will receive a confirmation email that you must register on the page, this process is necessary for your application to be completed satisfactorily.

In case you have not received the confirmation number, you have 24 hours to enter the page again and click on “finish” for the confirmation number to be sent to your email.  This final step is very important because your application will not be satisfactorily completed until your confirmation number is registered on the website.