How to Write an Appeal for Unemployment

The primary purpose of the unemployment appeal letter is to request the State Employment Development Department to review and reconsider its denial of unemployment insurance to the applicant. The letter explains why the applicant believes that their unemployment benefits were deceitfully denied.  

You can write an appeal letter for unemployment by stating that you want to appeal the denial of unemployment benefits because you disagree with the decision. You have to note that you wish to hear about this matter.

Must include your address, phone number, name, and social security card number, sign at the end of the letter, and send it to the address on the determination. You can also file it online.

Keep reading this article to learn how to write an unemployment appeal, its basics, tricks, and tips that make your appeal letter considerable. 

Basics for Writing an Appeal for Unemployment

  • Make sure your appeal should be brief as much as possible.
  • It is recommended to mail or fax your appeal because the online filing of attraction is hard to read. 
  • Keep the format of the appeal as simple as possible.
  • Must include the basics like name, social security number, determination number of appealing applications, address. 
  • Keep the point clear about why your benefits have been denied without any reason. 
  • While appealing, one of the essential things is that you know how the state law works because you cannot simply appeal because you disagree with it. 
  • Support your points by providing all the additional documents or evidence. 
  • Appeal on time because if you are late, you may never get your unemployment insurance. 
  • During the appeal process, make sure to file weekly claims on time; otherwise, you will lose eligibility for that work. 

You can follow these guidelines to get unemployment benefits. These are just the recommendations, not legal advice. Remember, you might face some different circumstances that require a different approach.

If you want to increase your chances of getting unemployment insurance, call the professional help that guides you on dealing with it and what paperwork is necessary while filing your appeal and support at each appeal step.  

Sample for Appeal Letter

Here is a sample appeal letter that helps you to write the details of your unemployment benefits:

Dear (Name of the Receiver)

Mine is (Name of the Applicant), and I am appealing the decision of the Employment Development Department’s officer (Name of the officer), on June XX, XXXX (Date). I believe that my unemployment benefit is unfairly denied, and I wish to appeal the hearing.

I was off from my duties as XXXX (your occupation) from the May of the base year. The company I work for stated that there is no sufficient work for me as they lose their big client and my position is being removed. They give me only two weeks’ vacation paycheck that I had to receive because I was leaving the organization.

Now I know that they appoint someone in my position, and that person is the niece of their law partner. It’s clear that there is enough work for me, but they just fired me without any reason, and I assume my dismissal is just another case of nepotism. I would be very thankful if you reconsider the denial of my unemployment benefits as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your consideration.


Name of the applicant

Sign of the applicant