How to write certificate of completion construction

If you are a contractor you need to learn how to write a certificate of completion construction.

In addition, a certificate of completion construction is the document to certify that a project or construction that you were hired to complete finishes.

Moreover, when a job is concluded and the last minute changes are already taking care of, you need to fill out the completion construction form and this is going to help you have a paper trail of your own records and delivered jobs.

Likewise, a work completion certificate is an official and formal document that is going to be delivered by a project manager to the assigned contractor to the job at its finishing point.

Therefore, the objective it’s to attest that the contractor has completed the required work of the whole project with the specifications and in the time that was asked for.

At the same time, the certificate of completion construction indicates the termination of a contract and one it is made and deliver the contractor cannot be held liable for further work related to the project he or she was contracted for.

Also, can be employed as a form of probing that the work its fish on the terms that both parties agree and the moment of the contraction.

Information to write a certificate of completion construction

Information to write a certificate of completion construction

  • First of all, you are going to gather and put in writing the basic information of the project, such as:
  • The starting date of the construction project
  • Name of both parties: The Construction Company or manager of the project and hiring person or company
  • The property owners
  • Date of the work conclusion
  • And sometimes the amount of the payment can be included because the final fee is been required.

The certificate can be issued at these circumstances

The certificate can be issued at these circumstances

The consultant finishes the work required. For example, not always a certificate of completion is construction related, it can be from a consultant hired to supervise research or a development program

The digital team employed to make a digital strategy o marketing campaigns, digital marketing or to create the concept of a new business.

A firm that takes on research or to create a baseline study for a particular area.

A service that is used to contact customers through calls for a time frame.

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Types of word completion certificates

Types of word completion certificates

The format of the certificate is going to depend on the type of job that you were hired to do and now its finish.

The nature of the work is going to define the basis.

Project competition

  • You are going to have to make a certificate when the project is completely fish.
  •  The format must contain the objectives and goals set on by the client and the contractor at the starting point or at the time of the hiring.
  • There must be an evaluation of the objectives and if they were achieve
  • It should include the name of the issuing organization, the name of the project, the dates of star and fish.
  • And the acknowledgment’s that the project was effectively completed.

Construction work completion certificate

It is made by the construction company when construction work is accomplished.

This construction can be a:

  1.  House
  2. Building
  3. Mall
  4. Plant
  5. Road

Any kind of infrastructure made from scratch or remodeling

Civil work completion certificate

When the local government is the one conducting the project, issues this certificate. In the case of:

  1. Maintenance of structures
  2. Construction of civil structures
  3. Government buildings
  4. Footpaths
  5. Bridges
  6. Roads
  7. Public property

In sum, any kind of project that includes or involves the civil government

Electrical work completion certificate

This kind of certificate is made as the names indicate when electrical work is finish in a building or site that was in need of an electrical installation or improvement

Course completion certificate

The institutions are also granted to deliver the course’s completion certifications when a period of education has reached its conclusion. The difference is that the person using the service has successfully met all the requirements. Such as:

  1. Universities
  2. Colleges
  3. Educational institutions or capacitating course