How to become a Lyft driver • Requirements

Lyft is a company specialized in ridesharing in the US. Through an application, they match drivers and passengers to take a ride. The payment is made directly on the platform so that the app serves as an intermediary.

The drivers use their personal car, and have control over their schedule, so it has become a more comfortable way of working; also, it is a cheaper option for passengers, compared to taxi fees.

In this article, we will show you the benefits of being a Lyft driver, and what are the requirements to apply.

Things you need to know about Lyft

Lyft app

  1. It was created in 2012, and its headquarters are in San Francisco.
  2. It has around 4,779 workers around 644 cities in the US, and 12 in Canada.
  3. They use geolocation to identify where the driver is when he requests a ride; the app can be used in smartphones or smartwatches.
  4. You can evaluate and rank the service on the platform.
  5. You can give tips to the driver, whether in the app or cash; it is usually 10 or 15 percent.
  6. It gives you 5 minutes to cancel your ride if you need to. After that time, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
  7. You can schedule a ride with 7 days of anticipation, which is beneficial for the passenger and the driver as well.


The first thing you should know is that there are requirements for you, as a driver, and also for your car; this is done to guarantee the safest service.

For the driver

  • Age: One of the main requirements is to have the appropriate age; you must be at least 21 years old by the time you apply.
  • Drivers license: Of course, if you want to drive a car, you must have a drivers license issued in the state in which you will work. Also, it must be at least one-year valid.
  • Smartphone: As you already know, if you want to work at Lyft, you need to install an application so that you can receive the requests and locations of your clients. This requires having a smartphone with iOS or Android system, and the most recent updates.
  • Training approval: Lyft will require you to pass a training session that will check your skills and vehicle conditions.
  • Background check: You will be required to pass a criminal background check to guarantee the safety of the passengers. If you have minor offenses, do not worry; your application will be rejected only in cases of violent crimes, sexual harassment, drug-related crime, or property damage.

For the car

  • Type and age: You can drive a regular car or even a limo, but it must have at least 5 seats, and 4 doors. Also, it cannot be older than 15 years.
  • Insurance: You do not need to be the actual owner of the car; however, it must be insured, and the policy made in your name.
  • License plate: Aswell as the driver’s license, the plate has to be issued in the state where you are going to drive.
  • Driving record check: If you do not have an acceptable driving record, you will not be able to drive in this company. You must not have fines or significant penalties in the last three years.

All these items offer you a broad vision of what it takes to be a driver in Lyft, although, depending on the state where you are, there can be additional requirements according to the regulations of each jurisdiction.

For your convenience, in this link, you can search for more information about the application process in your state:

lyft driver application requirements online

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On the other hand, if you successfully meet these requirements, you will have the opportunity to start generating safe and fast income, as well as enjoying significant benefits (which we will mention below).

Benefits of being a Lyft driver

Lyft is an excellent option if you want to make extra money, but if you become a regular driver, there are other benefits that might interest you, such as:

You will be your own boss

You will have the freedom to decide how, when and where to work. Also, you can determine the control of your income according to the rides you want to make.

Roadside assistance

You will receive roadside assistance from other Lyft drivers if your vehicle breaks down. The drivers of this company not only serve their clients, but are also willing to help their colleagues in case they need a hand.

Win prizes, bonuses and discounts

Besides gaining your daily payment, if you become a regular driver, Lyft will give you prizes, bonuses, and discounts for movie tickets, gym subscriptions, educational programs, etc. It will depend on how much you work and if you complete specific goals.

Get tips

With Lyft, you will be able to receive an unlimited number of tips; the amount will vary according to what your clients decide to reward you for your services.

That is why you should always aim to provide the safest, fastest, and more comfortable experience.