*The Mission Statement of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Boys and Girls Clubs of America is an organization functioning for 150 years. It is all about helping the deprived, disadvantaged, impoverished, and needy children.

The organization aims to provide every needy child with a better environment to live in and survive. It also aims at providing the education they need and create the skills they have for their future.

This article will be discussed about the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, its mission statement, why we need such clubs for children, and also in detail on how it is helping.

What is the Boys and Girls Clubs of America?

As above discussed, it is an organization that is helping young youth. The club always tries to achieve its goal and also boosts up its progress. To ensure the progress of the organization, they have hired well-paid educated employees to work.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America was created in the 1960s in Hartford Connecticut. It was founded by three women, Elizabeth Hamersley and Sisters Mary and Alice Goodwin. Now there are more than 4300 clubs, and they help approximately more than 2000 children every day. It is an after-school program for youngsters.

In 2011, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America was entitled to the number one youth organization for the 18th year in a row by The Chronicle of Philanthropy. The policies of the club are very high and never disobeyed.

The mission statement of this organization

“To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

This mission statement ensures that the club will reach each young youth who is in need.

The goals of these clubs 

  • Provide success that is in reach of every youngster.
  • Provide a healthy lifestyle
  • Graduate every member from the high school with a plan for future
  • Providing a safe, positive, and good environment for all members.
  • Ensuring child safety

More about the Club

  • The club is celebrating its 30 years by serving the military-connected youth by contributing them educational support, mental support, etc. by providing them a good and friendly environment.
  • In 1999, the club launched “Operation Connect” to set up the computer labs in the clubs. In 2000, “Club Tech” was established to give 5 years of support for the hardware, software, etc. in the clubs nationwide. Due to these programs 1000s of computers were provided to youth.
  • There is certified safety of the children and it’s on top priority to provide safety to the young members. The club enhances its policies to make sure safety. The clubs do not tolerate any kind of abuse, for example, sexual abuse.

Guidelines that the BGCA follows

  • Background check before employing: There is a criminal background check for the staff.
  • High Safety
  • Mandatory Safety Assessments
  • Reference Requirement of the Members
  • Continuous Enhancement of the policies and guidelines
  • Resources for Families and Staff of the club
  • Resources for Youth Members of the club

Boys and Girls Clubs of America Jobs

They provide equal employment opportunities. The club does not discriminate in employing the staff based on caste, religion, sex or gender, physical and mental disability, etc.

The club also provides the employees with reasonable and suitable accommodations. The employees have the right to enquire about the compensation of the other employees.

In case of any complaint by employees, there will be a suitable hearing without discriminating, and proper investigation would be done and further, the action would also be taken for the employees.

Where can I contact the Boys and Girls Clubs of America?

Boys and Girls Clubs of America Website

We can get more detailed information about the Boys and Girls Clubs by following and checking its website and social media accounts:

  • Instagram account – @bgca_clubs
  • Facebook account – BGCA Youth Development
  • Twitter – @BGCA_Clubs
  • Email address – HelpIntranet@BGCA.org.