What does Pending Resolution Mean for Unemployment in North Carolina?

People who have lost their job have to start the process of looking for a new one, but while that happens, how are they going to afford basic needs without a source of income? Fortunately, residents of North Carolina can apply and receive unemployment benefits to get financial help.

Preparing the requirements, applying for the benefits, and filing a claim is not a hard process as long as you pay attention and stay focused. Once you succeed, you can now receive weekly benefits, but you have to look out for a message that says ‘Pending Resolution’.

What does this mean? Is it something that will take away my support? Well, all those answers are going to be answered here, and also we will be talking more about unemployment benefits in North Carolina and the basic things you need to know about it.

Meaning of Pending Resolution

Do not be afraid that this message pops up when you make a claim, as this is something that with time it will be resolved. However, you should not let your guard down, as this means your claim is still being processed.

In other words, your claim being in pending status is a way to say that it is still processing, and there are a few reasons why this can happen:

  • Your employer responsible for your separation of employment has not responded to your claim. According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the employer has a period of 10 days to support your claim.
  • If not, then it must be because the Division of Employment Security is requesting more information from either you or your employer.
  • Or, you have not filed a weekly certification has not been filed.

Be careful with the information you provide before applying for unemployment in North Carolina or if additional data is needed. If you give any information that has any discrepancies in the future, your benefits might be revoked.

Basic eligibility information for unemployment in North Carolina

To avoid any of these problems, you should prepare all requirements to apply for North Carolina unemployment benefits. It is quite simple, the things you need are:

  • Your unemployment reason cannot be through the fault of your own. Getting fired for misconduct reasons does not qualify for the benefits.
  • If you receive the benefits, you have to constantly look for a job, and be able and available to work if an opportunity presents itself.
  • And, you have to accumulate a minimum monetary requirement during your base period. This varies on the state that you are in, but for North Carolina, you must have at least $780 if you want to apply.

Will my benefits claim stay pending?

We cannot say for sure, since there is a greater demand for unemployment benefits in North Carolina. Our recommendation is to just wait; the Department of Commerce is in charge of these problems.

Through the customer homepage, the state can let you know if you need to give any other additional information. This may help sort out things quicker, but keep in mind that there are still a lot of claims waiting too.

Where can I apply for unemployment in North Carolina?

If you are interested in everything we have just talked about, then take the opportunity and start applying. The fastest way to do it is first to create an account online on the North Carolina Department of Commerce website.

Have with you your Social Security number, email, and phone data; with these and also creating your username and password you will have in no time your claimant account.

Now on the customer’s menu, there are numerous options at your disposal, but the one that you have to choose is ‘File a New Unemployment Insurance Claim’. Follow the prompts and in just a few clicks you will be ready. If you did everything correctly, you will not have the pending states, but if that is not the case, wait patiently for some answers.