Programs to Help Get Your License Back In Washington State

Driving is a blessing to commute to your daily destinations, but it can be taken back within minutes. Usually, minor mistakes are often overlooked, but the same is not the case for some serious mistakes. Washington traffic courts can suspend the driving license of those involved in a traffic violation or who drive dangerously.

If you have also encountered such a situation and now your driving license is suspended, you need to work. Read the article to know about Washington’s driving license reinstate programs and get your suspended license back.

What Is Meant By License Suspension?

In Washington, a suspended license means the loss of driving privilege for 365 days or less. If the period of suspension is more than 364 days, it is considered a revoked license.

In certain cases, your driving license can be canceled, which permanently takes back your privilege of driving in Washington.

Reinstate Driver’s License

If you face license suspension, you will receive a Form that will indicate Washington DMV Suspended License and inform you of steps to appeal. Fortunately, you will have 15 days to appeal the sentence.

You can reinstate your driving license by providing the court SR-22 Financial Responsibility Form and paying a $75 fee. You also need to make additional payments.

SR-22-FORM sample

Relicensing Programs

Many courts in Washington offer programs that can help you reinstate your suspended license. You can ask the court if it has any relicensing programs. These programs can help you by lowering your fine or setting up a payment plan.

Here are some relicensing programs offered in Washington courts:

Seattle Municipal Court Relicensing Program

Under Seattle Municipal Court relicensing program, the court will review your financial situation and offer a monthly payment plan.

If you are eligible for government financial assistance, you can volunteer at a community service agency (food bank, shelter, etc.) rather than paying.

Once you receive this relicensing program, the court will inform the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) to update your ticket status to get back your license.

Unified Payment (UP) Program

If you have unpaid fines in more than one jurisdiction in King County, the Unified Payment (UP) Program can help you combine all fines into a single payment plan.

Check the details to apply for this program.

Cowlitz County DWLS program

The DWLS program has certain requirements which you need to fulfill to be enrolled in this program. Its requirements are:

  • Your driver license is suspended in third-degree
  • You don’t want to challenge the pending DWLS charge
  • You want help to get back your license

In the first step, you will be required to fill a reinstatement plan that includes a list of things such as paying fines, getting alcohol treatment, etc. This plan also requires you to show when and how you will complete the steps.

When a judge approves this reinstatement plan, you and the judge will discuss the time you need to do all these things.

This plan will also be helpful if your local fines are assigned to a collection agency. If you owe more than $500 to one of the court’s collections agencies, the judge may allow you to sign a new agreement to make monthly payments on the original fee. Collection agency fee reduces to 20%, and all interests on your fines are canceled.

Spokane County Relicensing Program

Spokane county Relicensing Program is for people with a suspended driving license in third-degree due to inability to pay traffic fines in the City of Spokane, County of Spokane, Pend Oreille County, Medical Lake, Airway Heights, and Cheney.

This program can help them waive collection fees, combine all traffic fines into one monthly payable payment and give back their driving license.