The Rental Agreement: A simple one-page document

A rental agreement is a document that describes the agreement between two parties. An owner, a “landlord” and another person who will pay the rent while living in the property are involved. He/she holds the title of a “tenant”.

In simple terms, it is a document that is used for the occupation of space (whether commercial or private) for a specified period in exchange for monthly rent. The terms of the rental agreement are between the tenant and the landlord are negotiable. Once signed, the form is considered lawful and binding on both parties.

A one-web page rental agreement is made between a landlord and tenant to create an easy condo arrangement. The rent can be for a hard and fast time period or a monthly foundation with fashionable phrases which includes month-to-month rent, begin and stop dates, and application obligations mentioned.

You can use this settlement for residential use only and does now no longer consist of any required State disclosures.

Things you have to include in this contract

Parties involved

  • Date of the agreement. Enter the document date for this agreement. Usually, this is the day on which the landlord and the tenant sign the contract. 
  • Identity of the owner. This party can also be a landlord who deals directly with tenants or a property management company that takes on the landlord’s responsibility.

In addition to the legal name of the landlord, the postal address at which the tenant can contact this party. Note that the landlord’s address is where the tenant sends legal notices about this rental agreement. 

  • Tenant Information. You have to fill the rental agreement with an entry of the name and the formal postal address of each individual.

Type of the rental agreement

  • Fixed Lease Option

Many written rentals may be in impact for twelve months or longer and bring the situation of terminating most effective upon a certain date. If this settlement will perform under such situations then, mark the checkbox “Fixed Lease”. 

After selecting this checkbox, one must supply the declaration connected to it with the primary calendar date while the Tenant may also occupy the premises in addition to the very last calendar date of his or her occupancy. 

If neither Party needs to decide on the phrases of this settlement for a predetermined time period then, retain to check the following option.

  • Month-To-Month Lease

The rental agreement that can be less than a year will frequently perform monthly. That is, each party (Landlord and Tenant) will permit every different to terminate the rent at any time with a predetermined quantity of days’ word. 

If this rent is on a month-to-month basis, then select the checkbox “Month-To-Month Lease”. This choice means that it is vital that you state the beginning date of the rent to its content. 

Additionally, the number of days word that one Party ought to supply the opposite as caution of the purpose to terminate this settlement ought to be established. 

It is important to note that in many states, it is a possibility that one party may offer the opposite as a caution that he or she can be able to terminate a monthly rent that is compliant with modern statutes of that state.

Clauses for payments

  • Monthly rent payment

As a rule, the tenant forfeits the amount of money the tenant is willing to pay in exchange for the right to inhabit the property. 

In this case, the landlord activates the monthly rent check box. Also include the dollar amount the tenant must pay the landlord and then the two-digit calendar day of the month in which the rent is due. 

  • Presentation of the deposit

This is the amount of money that the tenant is likely to give to the landlord during his tenancy. If the rental period ends without costly violations or property damage to the tenant, the landlord will refund the full amount of the deposit. 

Otherwise, in the event of property damage, for example, the lessor has the right to keep the amount vital for repairs, which is not normal wear and tear. The landlord cannot request this, and the state in which the property is located takes over the return schedule.

If the renter has to leave a security deposit, fill in the appropriate field. Indicate the amount of security deposit that the landlord should receive at the time of signing this rental agreement. 

  • Last month’s rent 

One must pay the last month’s rent before he/she signs this rental agreement. Then you must select this option and enter the amount due. 

The owner is safe from a tenant because of this requirement. This happens in case he/she leaves the property in the medium term or without notice.