The Requesting Process of a VA Form 21-4718a

The VA Form 21-4718a is a form to apply for Veterans Affairs and the benefits that come along with them. It is a branch of public policy dealing with the relationship between the government and service veterans’ populations.

An appointed federal body or entity, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, manages matters related to veterans’ affairs in some jurisdictions. 

What are the benefits of applying for it?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers health insurance, pensions, and access to national cemeteries to millions of American veterans and their dependents. VA hires over 250,000 people around the country in hundreds of emergency centers, retirement homes, insurance departments, and national cemeteries. 

Veterans Benefits Administration, Veterans Health Administration, and National Cemetery Administration are the three major management branches that carry out the department’s responsibilities.

What does the Veterans Benefits Administration do?

Education and occupational rehabilitation benefits, savings, home loans, and life insurance are among the programs available. The VBA provides all of its services to veterans and their families through 57 branch offices and nine service delivery networks.

  • Compensation and Pensions
  • Education
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling
  • Housing
  • Life Insurance

What does the Veterans Health Administration do?

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is responsible for delivering a wide variety of prescription care to 5.5 million veterans in the United States. The VHA has 171 hospital centers, 340 outpatient hospitals, 127 nursing home care units, and 196 Vietnam Veterans Outreach Centers.

VHA also supports veterans’ health services in non-VA hospitals and is the largest provider of graduate medical education in the world.

Agent Orange study, recovery facilities for blind veterans, treatment for women veterans, assistance to displaced vets, care for veterans recovering from various traumas, and research into war-related accidents are among the VHA’s medical and wellness programs.

What does the National Cemetery Administration do?

The National Cemetery Administration (NCA) operates national cemeteries in the United States for the burying of veterans and their families.

NCA also preserves 33 soldier’s lots and monument sites, offers government-furnished headstones or markers for veterans’ graves, issues Presidential Memorial Certificates in honor of veterans’ service, and administers funds for the establishment or expansion of state veterans cemeteries.

The NCA maintains more than 2.8 million gravesites in 125 national cemeteries across 39 states and Puerto Rico. The cemeteries cover more than 17,000 acres, with just over half of it remaining undeveloped, allowing for expansion to more than four million gravesites.

What are the rights of the fiduciary in the VA Form 21-4718a?

  • As a result of this authorization, you will receive the financial documents. The fiduciary has the right to request a copy of the record that the financial institution is holding.
  • He or she has the option of refusing to agree to this disclosure.
  • For any breach of the right to financial privacy act by either VA or the financial institution, the fiduciary has the right to claim restitution, lawyers’ fees, and expenses.

When and where is the fiduciary’s signature required in the VA Form 21-4718a?

In Section II – Authorization to disclose Financial Records, the fiduciary is required to sign under the specified area. He/she may do so before or even after Section I – Certificate of Balance on Deposit is filled out by the respective financial institution.

When the VA checks the fiduciary’s account, independent verification of financial reports will be required. If this is the case, they will request the details from the financial institution directly at a later date. At that point, they would give the financial institution the signed consent of the fiduciary.

What does the Account Information section of the VA Form 21-4718a include?

  • Type of Account
  • Account Number
  • Title of the Depositor Account
  • Balance including the Interest earned
  • Details of every interest earned i.e the amount earned and on which date
  • Current Interest Rate

If you need to see it yourself, here is a sample of the VA Form 21-4718a to examine it:

VA form 21-4718a

Why do ex-employers refuse to fill out the VA Form 21-4718a?

VA Form 21–4192 is a disabled compensation application that, like all state benefits, must be completed by the veteran or an eligible delegate. Any dot and dash in this confidential, delicate legal document can be crucial, so it must be precise and verifiable.

Employers have no responsibility for filling out or providing input for this form; however, Social Security would provide all of the necessary information that the Department of Defense lacked. The veteran’s DD-214 is possibly required, but it does not include all of the required detail.

In Gmail, how do you create an electronic signature for the VA Form 21-4718a?

Using the DocuSign Chrome plugin, you can do so. To sign your form in your Gmail account, you just need to follow five basic steps:

  • Download the DocuSign plugin from the Chrome Web Store to your browser.
  • Go to your Gmail address and sign up.
  • Head over to your Inbox and look for the email with the paper you need to sign.
  • The ‘Sign’ button is present on the sidebar. Press it to create your personalized e-signature.
  • The signature is complete after you click ‘Done’. You can now find the signed document in a draft email created by the DocuSign app.