How to junk a car in California?

Damaged or junk cars are often an obstruction in people’s parking lots; they take up a lot of space, and unless the owner is into mechanics, they are not useful.

But, getting rid of them can be very profitable; you can sell them and gain some money to buy another car, or take care of other needs.

If you live in the state of California and you want to junk a car, in the following article you will find different ways to do it.

Junk cars classic sale

Commonly, people who sell used or junk cars do it by publishing on the local newspaper, listing vehicle details and contact numbers; however, this method is not very effective nowadays.

Keep in mind that advertising is expensive, and you have to pay for each publication.

Also, most people use the newspaper to find cars in good conditions, so if yours is junk, the chances of selling it are meager.

Junk cars sale through agencies

On the other hand, the other way to sell your junk car in California is through agencies, which will most likely pay in cash.

There is a possibility that you can also receive payment in personal checks, but you have to get information about the agency you are selling it, to avoid any possible scam.

Used cars in poor conditions are not attractive for individuals, but for agencies, they are easy profit. Two of the most popular are: Junkurcar and Wheelzy.

 JunkUrCar website   Wheelzy website

These agencies focus on buying junk cars and have several branches throughout the country, particularly in California. This is an excellent benefit since Californians would not need to spend time or money to take the car from one city to another.

Note that your car still has value even if it is in poor condition, has some defects, or simply does not turn on. Its parts and bodywork can serve to these agencies to recycle them or use them in another car.

And, if the car cannot be moved, sometimes the offer includes picking it up with cranes.

Transfer of vehicle ownership

The last step in selling a junk car is to proceed with the transfer of ownership, presenting all the required documentation to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. If you do not complete this step, for legal purposes, the car will still be your property.

DMV virtual title transfer

Generally, this paperwork is done by the buyer, and he also must cover the car registration tax expenses under a new property title.

It is essential to be aware of the successful completion of the transfer of ownership; otherwise, if the buyer commits a crime or has an accident, and the vehicle is still registered with your name, you could have serious legal problems.

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Requirements to sell a junk car

All junk car buying agencies have a website where you can request the quote to sell your car; you just need to provide the following information:

  1. Name, address, and telephone number of the vehicle owner.
  2. State, city, and zip code.
  3. Year, brand, model, condition, and color of the vehicle.
  4. You must specify whether you have the property title or not.
  5. Mileage.
  6. Motor and transmission condition.
  7. Body condition, missing parts, and description of damage (if any).

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