How To Claim Unemployment Benefits in Florida

Have you just lost your job due to some reasons? Looking to avail unemployment benefits until you get another job? In this case, you should claim your rightful benefits until you get another job. Yes, whether you are a born citizen of the US or you have migrated to Florida, you can avail of unemployment benefits.

Like many other states, Florida has updated new laws and requirements to determine the eligibility of applicants. All you should do is follow the correct method to get in touch with the right agency.

So, this blog post will cover all the details and requirements on how to claim unemployment benefits in Florida. Additionally, we will discuss eligibility criteria and requirements so you may take advantage of unemployment. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the details.

Eligibility criteria

Before you file a claim, ensure you meet the requirements that fulfill these criteria mentioned below.

  • You must be looking for another job, and meanwhile, you need support to manage expenses.
  • The reason for your unemployment is genuine and valid, and there is no fault from your side in losing your job.
  • The amounts you have earned in the past must meet the required minimum thresholds.

Process for claiming unemployment benefits in Florida

We suggest you claim your benefits online via the state’s connect site. Once the organization reviews an application, the agency sends a determination notice and a wage transcript to ensure eligibility. If you fulfill the requirements, a representative will confirm them before sending you a second determination document.

Once your claim is granted, you will need to request payment every two weeks via telephone or website. You must submit proof that you are actively looking for another job in the meantime. You can dial 1-800-204-2418 on their hotline, or you may visit their website for complete info.

Documents required to file a claim

To file an unemployment claim in Florida,  you must ensure that you have these documents.

  1. Your social security number.
  2. You should provide your state id number or your driver’s license.
  3. You should provide past 18 months’ employment details, including joining and leaving dates at work, employer names, phone numbers, addresses, reasons for losing the job, gross earnings during the employment period.

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Once it’s been a week of losing your job, you can apply to file a Florida unemployment benefits claim. Claims always begin on Sunday before the application is completed. An application submitted on Wednesday, for example, will take effect the Sunday before that Wednesday.

When you have finished filling the application online or via telephone, you will be required to set up a PIN code that you will be using to sign in to the CONNECT system.

To claim your unemployment benefits, you must create a PIN code yourself as the agency does not provide it. There are specific requirements to develop a PIN code: it can’t be four consecutive numbers or repeating numbers or last digits of your social security number.

Now, you must log in within seven days of the date after your scheduled report date. Also, every two weeks, you need to claim your unemployment benefits once your profile is active. If the ending digits of your social security code are odd, you must claim benefits on Tuesdays.

Or, if the last digit of your social security number is even, you will be required to claim on Mondays. After receiving the first payment, the scheduled report date may change.

The bottom line

If you live in Florida and you’ve become unemployed due to some genuine reason, COVID-19, or any other, you can claim unemployment benefits until you get another job. 

In this article, we have discussed the requirements and procedure of how to claim unemployment benefits in Florida in detail. It takes up to one hour to fill the application, whether you file it via CONNECT site or through telephone.

Once the application is filed, the applicant creates a PIN code by himself to log in and check status and details. It takes seven days for the application to be active.